Thursday, May 11, 2017

Blog post #8


The narrator is Thomas, and the story is in third person point of view.


The mood of the story is, most of the time, very intense. A lot of it is extremely emotional and has a very "keeping you at the edge of your seat, dreading what's going to happen next" attitude to it. There isn't a second in the book where I didn't feel on edge so far.


The author seems to have an almost menacing tone, taking joy out of watching his readers get anxious about the plot.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Independent novel

Title: Winter
Author: Mark Crilley
# of pages: 167
Genre: Romance/science fiction
Miki(the main character) and her boyfriend, Hiro, are far from home and in the tundras. They're hiding from Deliverers because Hiro isn't supposed to be with Miki. She isn't a Deliverer, and Hiro is. Currently they've been separated and Hiro is being held as hostage, while Miki is being threatened with the chance of her memory being wiped.